With over 20 years of experience as a chiropractor, Dr. Ashique has gained a community of loyal customers. Read below for a few of their testimonials.

“I started to experience a lot of pain and headaches about 3 years ago, most likely due to a car accident and continuous sitting in the office for long periods of time.  I tried everything under the sun but nothing could make the discomfort in my neck, shoulders and the headaches go away permanently.  I decided to give Chiro a try and was given Dr. Ashique’s information from another satisfied client.  I have been going to Dr. Ashique for 4 months now and I have learned a lot about what was wrong with me via x-ray’s and from his thorough explanations.  From the first full week of treatment till now I have experienced no headaches or pain in my neck and shoulders.  I get up every day and am able to do my daily routine comfortably.   I can’t speak highly enough on the amazing and professional service I have received from Dr. Ashique and his entire office!”


“My name is Doreen Johnson and I am 66 years of age. I was referred to Dr. Ashique by my nephew. I was diagnosed with Radiculopathy ( a pinched nerve in my neck) by D’Arcy Bain Physiotherapy November 20, 2017. I went for various treatments and my severe pain in my left shoulder blade and down my left arm was no better. I decided to see Dr. Ashique December 5th, 2017. The very first thing that impressed me was being able to get an appointment so quickly. The first appointment was an assessment which included an X-ray – which I was very impressed with. No treatment was given – Dr. Ashique wanted to review first.  On the next appointment  – Dr. Ashique reviewed his findings with me in great detail and agreed that I had Radiculopathy.  I followed his instructions and in just 4 visits – I was already on the mend and most of the pain was gone!! I carried on with the plan and received adjustments 3 times per week when possible. I have since been re-examined and there has been remarkable improvement in my entire structure ( I feel like a 30 year old again). I can now walk up and down stairs normally – not just one step at a time – and my generally walking has improved 100%

The staff at the reception desk have also been so very helpful, understanding and sympathetic – they are very personable. I was able to set up a payment plan that works for me. I also like the very efficient system that is in place – when you arrive for an appointment you scan an identity card at reception indicating your arrival. You are put in an adjustment room usually before you can even sit down! Again you scan your identity where all your private information is then shown on screen for the doctor. I will continue with treatment and maintenance if required. I have and will continue to refer Dr. Ashique to all my family and friends if his type of services are needed.

Dr. Ashique’s first name is Asim – and as my nephew pointed out – we now pronounce it as ” Awesome” – because he his!!!

-Doreen J


“I’ve had trouble with my neck for as long as I can remember.  About ten years ago it got so bad that I couldn’t turn my head.  My wife basically dragged me to Dr. Ashique and, even though I was in pretty bad pain, I was scared ****less to go to a “bone cracker”.

Fast forward to present day and I don’t know who I should thank more – my wife or Dr. Ashique.

All those years I suffered with neck pain almost disappeared after a few visits.  Now I know better.  As soon as things don’t feel quite right in my neck I make an appointment because I don’t ever want to feel like I did before.

He’s the only chiropractor I’ve ever seen so I can’t make any comparisons, I just know I wouldn’t go anywhere else because for me, the trust factor is huge. ”


“Dr. A. has been my chiropractor since 2002 (16 years as of 2018) when I initially hurt my lower back.  He’s been nothing short of magnificent with his treatment, compassion and professionalism.  My husband and I are both patients of Dr. A’s and my husband has been seeing him for ten years.

Over the years, when I couldn’t get to Dr. A’s office, I’d seen three other well-known and well-respected chiropractors but always returned to Dr. A.  There’s no doctor of chiropractic I would trust or, in my opinion, has comparable skills to Dr. A.

He also opens his clinic for three hours on Saturdays.  Why, you might wonder, would he do this when he could be lounging at home like the rest of us?  The answer is that he has patients who live out of the City or work shifts who can’t get to his clinic during the week.  Yes.  He makes himself available for his patients when they need him.  That says it all right there.  Clearly.

I don’t understand why people say there’s a lot of turnover of staff in his office because every place I’ve ever worked (and probably, you, as well) has staff turnover.  It’s a fact of life – people change jobs!  Why would a chiropractor’s office be any different?”


“Dr. A is patient, understanding and knowledgeable.  He’s dedicated to improving the lives of his patients and keeping their bodies functioning optimally.  I’ll always trust his advice and continue to send my friends and co-workers to him.

Working in an office at a computer a majority of the time, I have suffered from low back, shoulder and neck pain off and on for many years. When things are at their worst, I suffer from headaches and constant discomfort in the low back/neck. I have received chiropractic treatment off and on over a number of years, with positive results; however, due to a job relocation I was no longer receiving treatment. Early this year when the symptoms increased to the point of daily headaches, I decided to seek out a chiropractor near my office. Although there are more than one chiropractic clinics in the area, I decided to book at Central Chiropractic due to a very positive review that was offered by an acquaintance of mine. Within one week of my first appointment, I was pleased to find that my symptoms were significantly reduced, relieving my daily sore neck and constant headache. Since, I have come to find Dr. Ashique’s kind demeanor and gentle adjustments to be a welcome part of the day. I have found continual improvement in my health and am most grateful for the care I have received at Central Chiropractic.”

– Stacy

“I started to experience a lot of pain and headaches about 3 years ago, most likely due to a car accident and continuous sitting in the office for long periods of time.  I tried everything under the sun but nothing could make the discomfort in my neck, shoulders and the headaches go away permanently.  I decided to give Chiro a try and was given Dr. Ashique’s information from another satisfied client.  I have been going to Dr. Ashique for 4 months now and I have learned a lot about what was wrong with me via x-rays and from his thorough explanations.  From the first full week of treatment till now I have experienced no headaches or pain in my neck and shoulders.  I get up every day and am able to do my daily routine comfortably.   I can’t speak highly enough on the amazing and professional service I have received from Dr. Ashique and his entire office!”

– Anna

“Fantastic place for chiropractic work (have not experienced the other services provided yet, such as massage therapy). Dr. Ashique is very professional, personable and bring a high quality of service, as is the case with his staff. About three and a half months ago I was barely able to move my back, and now I just finished two heavy-lifting 12+ hour days moving into my new place without any back issues. Highly recommended.”

– David

“I’ve suffered back pain for most of my adult life. Dr. Ashique was fantastic in helping put my spine back to what it should be. Friendly manner, explains what is wrong, and looks to long term solutions rather than a quick fix. There’s no one I’d rather go to.”

– Jessica

“I have been to six different chiropractors and a couple athletic therapists in the city but couldn’t get any relief regarding the elevation on one side of my shoulder. I almost had half an inch of elevation on my left shoulder. I went for chiropractic treatment for 8-9 months and was still in pain. I had constant headaches and it started to effect my strength training as well. A friend of mine recommended me to Central Chiropractic Centre. Since my first visit pain was a history. Dr. Ashique is phenomenal. Within a couple visits my pain was gone and I started to feel better. Not only my shoulders were leveled, but my over all health improved a lot too. My body started responding a lot better to strength training than it ever did. I don’t remember the last time I was down with a cold or was sick. I am healthier than I’ve ever been.
I will highly recommend this place to everyone. The front desk staff is very professional and friendly. I will encourage chiropractic treatment for everyone. From as little as constant sickness to a professional athlete anyone can benefit from this. I will encourage you to visit Dr. Asim Ashique at Central Chiropractic Centre. You will not regret your decision.”

– Nitish

“I have been going to Dr. Ashique for over 15 years. I had a spinal fusion when I was 16 and as a result I was told I would be in a wheelchair before I turned 50. I am now 64 and feel strong and productive. And that is a direct result of Dr. Ashique’s fantastic ability with chiropractic treatment. Because of my early operation I have one leg 1 inch shorter than the other which caused me to have continual neck, hip, back and leg pain until I was introduced to Dr. Ashique. He immediately identified my body’s target areas and within a couple of weeks I was pain free. With my tremendous results you can see why I shout from the highest mountain that Dr. Ashique is a great and knowledgeable healing chiropractor. Not only has Dr. Ashique a kind and compassionate man but his caring and efficient staff is first rate as well. Dr. Ashique’s chiropractic ability has allowed me to play tennis, golf, cycle and lead a healthy active life into my mid 60’s. If you are experiencing frequent, debilitating pain, why wouldn’t you give Dr. Ashique the opportunity to enable you to be pain free?”

– Wayne

“I am writing this letter to support and praise the excellent work of Dr. Asim Ashique. I first went to see him as a result of a fall which injured my back. This fall happened about two years before I heard of him through another doctor, a general practitioner whose father had been successfully treated for a serious back issue by Dr. Ashique. Like myself, the father had gone a long time seeking help, but not finding any effective relief for his problem.”

“Over the two years before I began back treatments with Dr. Ashique, I experienced severe lower back pain, side pain, and several other seemingly unrelated problems. These included chronic fatigue for which it seemed impossible to get a diagnosis as to the cause, and an almost equally mysterious skin irritation, which also remained undiagnosed as to cause. I could not bend over to pick something up. I was in almost constant pain. I had trouble concentrating, walking, and maintaining my balance. Sometimes I was actually afraid that I wasn’t going to make it home, that I would collapse in the street, with all the attendant stuff that entails. I was a mess, and, as you can imagine, I wasn’t the cheeriest person to be around. So I went on referral to Dr. Ashique.”

Four weeks later, after taking back treatments three times per week, my back pain has disappeared, my side pain has disappeared, my fatigue problem and all its attendant issues have disappeared, my energy and strength have increased, and my skin problem has vanished. I had been to another chiropractor for one year before seeing Dr. Ashique. That year of treatment cost me $1,800 and didn’t help any of my problems in the slightest. The four weeks of Dr. Ashique’s treatments cost me about $400 and has cured virtually everything. The reason that chiropractor couldn’t help me was that, although well intentioned, he was not an orthopaedic specialist like Dr. Ashique. In fact, Dr. Ashique is the only orthopaedic specialist in Winnipeg. When I first went to see him I did not know how important that fact was to my health. I sure do now. So I am writing this testimonial to encourage people with back problems, and any other kind of medical problem, even if you don’t think they are related to your back, to try a consultation with Dr. Ashique. With a holistic system like the human body anything can happen.

Dr. Ashique is a hugely well educated, well trained, and highly skilled and experienced chiropractic specialist. If you are going to go to any chiropractor, I recommend going to him. From the experience I have had with him, I simply cannot praise the man highly enough. I am so grateful that he went to the extra time, training and expense that he did, so that he would be able to help me the way that he has, when nobody else could. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Ashique”

– Larry

“The care of Dr. Asim is a consolation for people with chronic pain like me… While I understand that prolonged back and leg problems can’t be reversed instantly, the assurance of being proactively taken cared of alleviates a big part of the grief and frustration.

Likewise, Dan (RMT) is also prudently monitoring my situation and come up with customized remedial therapy for each and every session I go to him.”

– Adrian

“I used to be one those people who believe Chiropractic work was the equivalent of snake oil in modern times — I can now say I bought into nothing but myths about the field. There MAY be shyster DCs out there who are only interested in short-term relief and having their patients coming back as they get worse and worse… Dr. Ashique is NOT this kind of practitioner. He did such a good job on my neck (which had been bothering me for YEARS with headaches and lack of range of motion due to stress and my previous office job requiring a lot of awkward movement at my desk) in a matter of months that I haven’t had any pain, tenseness or headaches related to that issue since — and it’s been over two years since I was last adjusted.

He did such a good job, I referred my wife to go see him (she was initially hesitant about Chiropractic work as a legitimate medical science, as I was, but I convinced her that Dr. Ashique is a real jewel of his field) and after two weeks of thrice-weekly adjustments, she has thanked me NUMEROUS times for essentially pushing her to make an appointment. She says she’s never felt so tall (as a result of her spine/neck being properly adjusted and straight) in her entire life, and it’s already had an effect on her asthma, headaches, and general difficulties getting comfortable at night.

Dr. Ashique is a brilliant, friendly, and caring man who views his work as a calling, NOT just a good career path. This is incredibly rare nowadays in the medical field, where you have apathetic MDs pushing SSRIs on patient blindly since ‘that’s what they’re told to do’. This man could easily have gone into some higher-paying field with his intellect and schooling and drive, but he truly believes that being a Chiropractor (probably the best in the city) is helping people. And I can speak for myself and my wife when I say that he has helped us both immensely.

If you have some prejudice against Chiropractors because of some horror story or urban myth you hear passed around, but have legitimate issues (you’d be amazed what Chiropractic adjustments can help with BEYOND just aches and pains) you feel isn’t being addressed by standard medical care, PLEASE give this man a shot. You will NOT regret it, though your first adjustment may leave you a bit sore the next day – eventually the changes he makes will last longer and longer, and as I mentioned he fixed my neck/shoulders and I haven’t had any further issues in YEARS.

Thanks, Doc. You’re magic. :D”

– John

“When I first started getting adjustments at Central Chiropractic Centre, I suffered from a lot of back pain and tension. Within a few visits I noticed a huge improvement in my pain and mobility. My neck and shoulders are no longer seizing up any more and that is thanks to these adjustments alone. The staff there are always friendly, helpful, and make you feel welcome. It is always a pleasure to go to Central Chiropractic Centre!”

– Amanda

“Meeting Dr. Ashique was a turning point in my life. I was experiencing chronic pain, dealing with almost daily headaches and regular migraines. I was not only suffering physically, but was felling emotionally exhausted and defeated. Dr. Ashique provided not only his knowledge and expertise, but gave me hope. I noticed an immediate improvement and within a short time of treatment my pain episodes decreased in both severity and duration. Dr. Ashique has extensive training and expertise in his field so I know I am in great hands. He also has a genuine desire to help make my life better and has given me understanding and support. His staff are always welcoming, cheerful, and helpful. I have gone from daily pain and suffering, to a happier more productive life. I highly recommend Dr. Ashique to all my family and friends.”

– Jennifer

“I was referred to Dr. Ashique by my Dad, but didn’t realize until seeing him what a great referral it was. With an eye on long term stabilization, he gets right to it. He’s one of the top chiropractors in the country and we’re lucky to have him in Winnipeg!”

– Don

“Dr. Ashique is friendly and professional, and is clearly a top-notch chiropractor. His assessments are thorough, and as a result his treatment plan is extremely effective. He thinks long term instead of on an adjustment-by-adjustment basis. I noticed very rapid results and my pain and stiffness continue to decrease. The front staff are fantastic as well, warm, enthusiastic, and efficient. I would highly recommend.”

– Evan

“Dr. Ashique is an excellent chiropractor with the highest level of clinical skill. His in-depth approach to achieving wellness ensures that his patients experience the greatest benefit from his care.

I would recommend him to friends and family without hesitation.

I am thankful for his help.”

– Sheraz

“I am extremely impressed with Central Chiropractic. After a seeing another chiropractor for over a year without success, I decided to try some place new. I found Dr. Ashique and from the very first visit I knew he’d be able to help me. He is nothing but professional and friendly, and is an expert in his field. You can tell right away that he truely cares about your well being. Thanks to Dr. Ashique, I feel much better than I have in years! Also – Sarah is wonderful and so welcoming. I look forward to seeing her every week! I would recommend Central Chiropractic to any of my friends and family.”

– Jenifer

“My name is Brenda and I came to see Dr. Asim Ashique in the early part of November 2016. I had been, I thought, in good health until I had injured my back from the simple task of lifting the laundry basket. When I first came to see Dr. Ashique I indicated what had happened. Dr. Ashique took x-rays and during our consultation learned that I had a curved spine from an old injury and collapsed arches in both of my feet.

Since my first initial visit with Dr. Ashique I am feeling healthy again both with respect to my back and my feet. I am still in ongoing treatment and expect to be in an even better place in time.

I was of the belief that my sore back, not walking properly and stiff neck were due to effects of “old age”. I was clearly wrong, as I feel 75% better now than I did before I saw Dr. Ashique.

I would highly recommend Dr. Ashique and would like to thank him for getting me to a “new and even better” healthy self.

I would also like to thank Dr. Ashique’s awesome staff for their kindness and courtesy during all of my visits.”


“I was experiencing terrible back pain and acute sciatica as a result of an injury and I was looking for a chiropractor who was nearby to my work. I found Central Chiropractor and Dr. Asim Ashique and he was able to see me immediately. I have been to other chiropractors over the past 20 years and I appreciated the way in which I received treatment. Dr. Ashique did a thorough examination and located the source of my difficulties. He then explained the process of treatment as well as answered my questions. At no time throughout my treatments have I ever felt as if he rushed through my treatments and I believe his main goal is healing not seeing how many visits he can do in a day.

I began to feel better with each visit and I am pain free for the first time in weeks. I have more flexibility and my back is not stiff and definitely have greater range in motion. His method of correction and adjustment is by far more gentle than I have experienced elsewhere.
I find his location and extended hours of operation to be very convenient. The fact that he also will see you on Saturday is great.

Dr. Ashique is exceptional and I highly recommend him as a chiropractor.”

– Dave

“My name is Keri. I came to Dr. Ashique about 3 months ago with severe back pain. I could barely get out of bed in the morning. When I first came to Dr. Ashique I was very clear I did not trust chiropractors and I thought they were a sham. Since my first few visits Dr. Ashique has won over my trust. He is a very honest chiropractor and truly has the best interests of his patients. My back is not “cured” but it is gotten to a very good place and I am thankful to Dr. Ashique for getting me there.

He has 5 stars in my books and I would highly recommend you go see him. If you are very skeptical like I was I suggest you go see him and let your pain do the talking. I promise you his work speaks for itself.”

– Keri

“During my recent pregnancy, I suffered from extreme back and leg pain due to Sciatica. I started seeing Dr. Ashique for chiropractic services and almost immediately felt relief which allowed me to function and go about my daily routine. I continued to see him up to the end of my third trimester to ensure I stayed pain free and in proper alignment while going through all the body changes. Dr. Ashique’s professionalism and friendliness made me feel completely at ease. I would recommend him to any woman at any stage of pregnancy for beneficial treatment of back/neck pain or to maintain optimal health. My husband and new baby now both receive chiropractic treatment at central chiropractic as well.”

– Corin

“I want to say thank you for the amazing health care your office delivers. I suffer from migraines and got acupuncture for the first time. Painless and very helpful. Chiropractic to ease my whiplash and general body aches are massaged away by the massage therapist.

Centrally located in Winnipeg Square for downtown workers! I highly recommend taking the time to take care of yourself.”

– Charlene

“Chiropractic care has definitely helped me. My  lower back pain is awful, it really slows you down in life. Every once in a while it acts up. I realize now that I must keep up preventative care. I will continue to go for care to my chiropractic’s office. Everyone there is so friendly.

Dr. Asim Ashique is amazing!!”

– Terry

“I started going to Dr. Ashique after suffering from bad headaches and back and neck pain. Dr. Ashique confirmed my scoliosis that I knew I had and started a plan to help me get pain free and to help better align my spine. After about two months now, I am feeling pain free, and have not had any headaches. My husband has even noticed my back does not look like I have a hump anymore – I can stand straight!

I will continue seeing a chiropractor now, as I can see and feel the difference.

Dr. Ashique and his staff are wonderful and I enjoy going there. I would recommend him to a friend!”

– Kim

“I have been seeing Dr. Ashique for a month and have experienced a notable difference in my well being. A childhood tailbone injury that seemed to never have healed is what prompted me to seek his expert advice. After the first adjustment I noticed that I could breathe better than I can ever remember. I now have more energy in my kickboxing classes and do not get winded as easily in my workouts. I sleep through the night now without waking up and have not had a headache in over a month. My bowel movements are easier and more frequent and I’ve lost 9 lbs in the month and a half I have been seeking his treatment. Dr. Ashique always takes the time to listen, answer my questions and makes me feel comfortable during my treatments. The staff at Central Chiropractic are amazingly upbeat, kind and caring individuals and always bring a smile to my face every time I come in for an appointment.

I would recommend Central Chiropractic to anyone!”

– Alyson

“Up until recently, I have tended to be one who subscribed to traditional, medical practice for treatments and ailments and I was quite leery when first considering a chiropractic option. I had visited countless doctors to treat my lower back pain and foot issues, all in spite of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. I found no success. Dr. Ashique immediately assuaged my fears and concerns and treated me quickly and effectively. In fact, at the age of 57, I have never felt better. I would highly recommend Dr. Ashique and his Central Chiropractic team for a treatment regime that is gentle, respectful and effective.”

– John

“I have known Dr. Asim Ashique for 15 years.Every time I have a back problem he is the Doctor for me. He is very gentle and extremely good at fixing any pain I have. Also it is very easy to get an appointment with him. No matter how busy he is, his great staff will get you in to take care of your pain. He is the BEST!”

-Brent C.T.

“I have been seeing Dr. Asim since early July, 2015, having experienced a very bad past experience with a Chiropractor in the 80’s I was hesitant to visit another one. I have severe scoliosis and have been suffering for years with neck and should pain. A co-worker referred me to Dr. Asim and he has changed my life. I was unable to fully turn my neck when I backed up my vehicle and had to move my whole body, now I have no problem doing that and the best is there is no pain when I do it.

I thought I was going to have to live with this and was willing to accept my future. All I can say to myself is “why didn’t I do this sooner” as Dr. Asim is very gentle and ensures he informs me when my treatment changes . With scoliosis my upper right shoulder/back was forming a hump and it is now looking so much better…. My daughter noticed and said “ MOM YOUR HUMP IS GOING AWAY”.

I am now a believer and thank Dr. Asim for all he has done for me ,as I am now living a pain free life. I would absolutely refer any of my friends/co-workers to visit him.”

-Karen J.

“In May 2015 I went to see Dr. Ashique at Central Chiropractic Centre because I was frustrated with suffering recurrent flare-ups from a lower back injury I had sustained more than seven years ago. An injury that would leave me in severe pain, and take me away from my daily routine and the activities that I enjoy.

With Dr. Ashique’s well-rounded approach consisting of examination, diagnosis and a treatment plan I have already experienced dramatic improvements in the way I feel, in my posture, sleep and energy level.  I am certain that my continued treatments will finally result in a long-term solution.

The atmosphere at Central Chiropractic Centre is positive. Dr. Ashique is always on time, his staff is professional, friendly and accommodating.

I am grateful to have found Dr. Ashique and thank him and his staff at Central Chiropractic Centre for improving my quality of life.”


-Tania C.

“First off, let me mention how wonderfully convenient it is to have Dr. Ashique’s office located just downstairs from my place of work. Being able to run down for a treatment/adjustment in less time than it would take to grab a coffee from Starbucks is hugely convenient and very valuable to me. In most cases I’m in and out in less than 10 minutes!

For the past few years the people closest to me have been telling me how they’ve greatly benefited from chiropractic care. Being the stubborn, old fashioned thinking kind of person I am I was skeptical and thought it’s too expensive, not that I actually knew how much it would cost and I didn’t really know what the benefits were. I am now one of those people who say I wish I had done this sooner! A few months ago I experienced a major pain attack in my back and neck that was causing terrible headaches. Being the stubborn person I am I tried to rest it away. When my colleagues noticed how this was affecting me they suggested I contact Central Chiropractic and told me that the doctor there was very good. After having three different colleagues tell me on different occasions that I should call him, I finally emailed Dr. Ashique. I explained to him what I was feeling and he was able to get me in for an appointment that day. My initial consultation with Dr. Ashique was a huge eye opener. He did X-rays and walked me through them to help me understand how my body was structured, how it should be structured and how these irregularities were affecting me. He even noticed some things about my hip that had been bothering me for years that I had just learned to ignore. He and I discussed an action plan from there, and about a month and a half after implementing same, he did a reassessment and since I had improved we adjusted the plan. Since starting my treatment I am feeling like a different person. My “old lady” hip that I had learned to live with is no longer an issue, I haven’t had one headache and no more back/neck pain.

In addition, I personally think great service is so important. Dr. Ashique has always been extremely professional and very personable. He has made an effort to understand me and my health and help to educate me so that I understand completely what is going on with me, and how I can improve my health. The support staff in the office is friendly and know me by name. There’s no wait time at all. The office is comfortable and doesn’t feel at all like doctor’s office. I will and am recommending Dr. Ashique to my friends, family and colleagues and I would suggest if you’re considering chiropractic care to just make an appointment and check it out for yourself. You won’t be sorry.”

-Meghan M.

“What a difference a year makes!  My health has improved significantly since I started seeing Dr. Ashique.  My body is more aligned.  In addition, I have greater mobility and energy.  As I progressed with the treatment, I started to feel better.  It was the starting block for my path to wellness.  My stress level has decreased.  I am now exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet and sleeping better.  I was having an issue with a hiatal hernia prior to my treatment.  It is not as frequent or intense today.  Thank you Dr. Ashique, you have changed my life in a very positive way.”

-Betsy N.

“I had been experiencing low back pain for a lengthy period of time and was not feeling like myself because of it. Things eventually became worse and I began having trouble relaxing and sleeping in a comfortable position.

Over time, the constant lower back ache seemed to travel to my right leg and to my foot where the sensation was numb, tingly, and cold to the touch. I was constantly uncomfortable. Getting up, moving around and going out to social gatherings were all affected.  My mind felt scattered. I was focusing too much of my time and energy on my pain, rather than enjoying my life!

A colleague of mine suggested Chiropractic care and referred me to Dr. Ashique. I wanted to understand my problem and to correct what was wrong rather than taking medications to mask the pain – so I booked an appointment.

The process was simple and easy. I received an initial examination where Dr. Ashique noted that there was definitely something wrong. With the assistance of x-rays he confirmed where the trouble area was and explained my problem to me in detail. Then we started treatment.

That was 2 months ago.  Today, I am walking taller and enjoying each day pain/discomfort free. The most amazing gift I have been given was the ability to once again concentrate, focus and stay on task. Now I wish I would have seen Dr. Ashique sooner than I did, rather than being fearful or thinking “maybe it will go away” (because it never does).

Chiropractors specialize in the health and well being of our bodies and its structure. If you feel like I did, please do not put it off another day – call and book an appointment so you can have your life back.  Dr Ashique and team make feeling great easy!”

-Cheryl P.

“I started seeing Dr Ashique in November of 2013. I had been experiencing severe pain in my left shoulder and arm from some moderate trauma as a teen, and it had been steadily getting worse after I started working in an office.  I was pretty anxious when I went for my initial consultation, but all of the front desk staff are incredibly friendly, and they are all really good at what they do; All my anxiety was quelled. Every step was explained to me in detail, and the cost very reasonable.

Dr Ashique is one of the best medical professionals I’ve ever been treated by. He is clearly a hard working individual, who is friendly and relates to his patients. Its not uncommon to hear him laugh, or see a huge smile on his face, and you can tell that this is a person who clearly loves what he does; helping people get well.  He explained the issues in my back in depth to me, and the care procedures needed to correct it. And correct it he has. His treatments were effective immediately, and fortunately I have been recovering quickly thanks to his dedication to educating his patients with exercises and other knowledge to help keep them healthy. The whole experience has been amazing, and I expect to keep going to him for all my Chiropractic needs.



“In 2004 I had a herniated disc in my neck. I had severe neck pain and pain/numbness into my left arm and hand.The specialists wanted to operate on it.  I was put on a waiting list and could not live with the pain!  My Mom suggested that I see her chiropractor, Dr. Ashique.  I did not have anything to lose.  I went to see Dr. Ashique and after a few treatments I could move my head instead of walking around stiff and guarded.  After a few more treatments I started to get the feeling back in my left arm.  Now I am so much better.

Today, there is still a bit of numbness in my left fore finger, but when I went to see the specialist he did not recommend operating as I appeared to be getting better.  I know that I can count on Dr. Ashique to help me out when I am not feeling in tune and in line.  I make an appointment with his very helpful and friendly staff and I get in to see the doctor – usually that same day.

I have recommended Dr. Ashique to many friends and they have also been happy with the results and treatment.



“I have been a patient of Dr. Ashique’s for nearly 10 years.  I had suffered lower back pain for many years before I began chiropractic care and then I met Dr. Ashique.  He has kept me mobile all these years and pain free.  He is very gentle with his treatments.  He and his amazing staff are friendly and courteous.  His office is conveniently located and it is very easy to schedule an appointment.  I am very grateful to have found such a great chiropractor and have recommended him to many people.”


“I had the pleasure of hiring Dr. Asim when I was working downtown. Dr. Asim was clearly a caring individual who took an interest in your life and lifestyle. His approach is not about the quick fix but the everlasting one that allows us to fulfill our lives in a healthy manner. I hope to one day reconnect with him again as he made a huge impact in my life both mentally and physically at a time that was emotionally devastating to me.”


“I have been seeing Dr. Ashique since 1999.  He always listens well and knows how to pinpoint the issues in my neck, shoulder and back. With long hours at a desk job and on a computer my pain and limited mobility used to be chronic – but I am much better now with regular treatment (and exercise).  I really trust Dr. Ashique and feel his care has made a positive difference in my life.



“I started seeing Dr. Ashique about 5 years ago. I had been tilted over to the left for a few months and the chiropractor I had been going to had not been having much success in straightening me out. I woke up one morning with pain going down the back of my legs. I called my chiropractor’s office only to discover that he was on vacation for the next two weeks. In agony, and knowing that I could not make it even one day without treatment, I got out the phone book. Not only was Dr. Ashique’s office open on a Saturday but he fit me in and did the adjustment I needed to give me some relief. He then worked out a treatment plan to help correct the issues that have plagued me since I had a car accident at the age of 5. He eventually got me “straight”. As someone who is anchored to a desk for 7 hours a day, looking after my back health is essential. I often come across people who say “I would never go to a chiropractor!”. My response is “I wouldn’t be able to work without one”.

-Laura T.

“In early 2011 I was enticed by one of my co-workers to go for a free assessment at the Central Chiropractic Centre. I thought I was in good normal health, and that it would be an interesting exercise to see what it was all about. I was quite amazed at what Dr. Ashique found out about my posture, musculature and skeletal  health situation. I was slowly deteriorating, and I didn’t even know it.

Dr. Ashique advised that continuation without treatment ultimately ends up leaving long term problems, like arthritis and limited mobility in later life. I chose to follow his recommended therapy, and almost immediately noticed a reduction of some chronic pain and little aggravations that I had been living with. Only one example; I am not one to use pain killers ever. I like to walk, and I was being bothered by a constant pain in my hip. Since following his treatment, I have long since forgotten about the pain.

Shortly after my commencement of treatment,  I went to my family physician for my routine annual physical. Knowing that most doctors are not impressed with the common chiropractic practice of just “cracking the neck”, I explained to my physician exactly what was involved in the detailed examination, diagnosis, and treatment process that Dr. Ashique took prior to even starting a regimen. My physician proceeded to verify Dr. Ashique diagnosis himself, and was impressed. He said that the diagnosis was correct,  and that he could even see himself recommending patients for this type of diagnosis and treatment.

I now go every two weeks for a maintenance session. The staff are lovely to deal with, and are friendly and knowledgeable.

Today I feel in much better shape, with better mobility.”

-Philip H.

“The care, service and communication which I received from Dr. Asim at the Central Chiropractic Centre has been first class. He fixed my serious lower back problem immediately and did maintenance on my spine and hips. This has relieved my pain and subsequently feel great. Again thank you for your care.”

-Jean-Pierre C.

“Dr Ashique is the only chiropractor I would ever go to!

I am 59 years old, and at the age of 16 I had a spinal fusion. The doctors said I would be lucky to be able to walk when I’m 50. Needless to say with the kind of back, hip and neck pain that is associated with living through an operation of this magnitude, I have seen my fair share of chiropractors over the years.

When I visited Dr Ashique 12 years ago, my body was in total turmoil. I only went to see him because he was conveniently located to where I worked. It was the luckiest and best thing I had ever done for my body. Not only had I found an amazing chiropractor/care giver, but a truly nice man as well. I can testify by my personal experience, without his continual care, I would not be able to lead the normal active life style that I do.


-Wayne P.

“I have suffered for years from debilitating migraines which only worsened after a car accident 6 months ago, which also put my back and hips totally out of alignment.  My good fortune was to visit if not the top, one of the top chiropractors in Canada.  Bi-weekly visits to Dr. Asim Ashique have made a tremendous improvement on the quality of my life. May God grant him good health so that he can continue his superlative care for people like myself.”

-Z. Thiessen

“I carried a heavy box in a hurry, and my lower back screamed. Pain interfered as I slept and turned, reached or sat, and my usual response of “waiting until it got better” and some physiotherapy alerted my mind and body to the fact of “a new found sense of vulnerability” to quote Dr. Ashique in one of his articles.

I picked him because he was within walking distance, had good credentials, was endorsed by the Manitoba Chiropractic Association, had an x-ray machine on site, and a courteous and helpful office person.

I quickly had a free consultation, during which I explained my circumstances and attitude, paid for the x-ray I wanted, and arranged another free appointment for discussion, during which the x-ray and charts revealed areas of misalignment acquired over my last 70 years; Dr. Ashique carefully outlined a treatment schedule, and we agreed that the non-invasive, no pharmaceutical approach could help as we both worked together to heal.

I started near the end of March 2012, and two months later, the pain has decreased, mobility has increased, and he has reduced my number of visits on the basis of a mid-process assessment. The appointments are punctual, the staff is supportive, and, above all, Dr. Ashique listens. He answers questions, explains procedures, absorbs and takes under consideration my information about setbacks, progress, and initiatives. His touch is gentle and instinctive, yet, in the process, my body feels that he addresses not only the areas of general concern, but also the specific areas that have bothered me. It is working.”

-L. Minle

“I have suffered from migraine-type headaches for as long as I can remember so I decided to try Central Chiropractic Center to see if they could help relieve my pain. Dr. Ashique put together a care plan and treatment schedule and I have been headache free since my first visit. If you suffer from regular headaches, I would strongly recommend seeing Dr. Ashique. My overall quality of life has improved immensely since I began treatment. The entire staff at Central Chiropractic Center are friendly and extremely helpful and I really enjoy the friendly service I receive as soon as I walk through the door.”

-Lisa M.

“I started treatments with Dr Asim in November 2011 upon the recommendation of a work colleague. I was unsure about going to a Chiropractor after my husband had a terrible experience with a chiropractor, it had been about 30 years since I had seen a Chiropractor.  Dr Asim explained everything he was going to do, and really put me at ease. He has a gentle approach and will not do any adjustments unless you are comfortable with what he is doing. After being treated for the past couple of months, I am feeling much less pain in my leg and lower back. Dr Asim has really helped me out and I would highly recommend him.”

-Emily M.

“Hello Dr. Ashique. I would like to thank you for making me feel very comfortable as a new patient. I have been very pleased with my experience with both you and your staff. In addition my progress has exceeded my expectations. All in all an experience that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone in search of chiropractic care.”

-Clark G.

“I have been seeing Dr.Ashique for 3 years now and he has helped me so much.  My neck pain and headaches have completely disappeared.
I had really bad shin splints and he helped me with the pain and now they are gone also.  Just recently, he’s helped me with my IBS symptoms.
Who would have thought that chiropractic adjustments help with IBS symptoms.  Dr Ashique is just such a caring doctor.  He really listens to his patients
and really does all he can to help them get well.  I am so grateful for all he has done for me and I feel so much better every time I see him.
His staff is excellent as well.  It’s such a welcoming and warm place to come in for appointments.  Keep up the excellent service!”

-Rachelle D

“I am pleased with the care and treatment provided by Dr. A. Ashique and appreciate the time he takes to explain the treatment provided and why. I have confidence in the plan created specifically for me, and renewed hope that my situation will have a positive resolution. The techniques used and technology are up to date and relevant to my condition. I was grateful after my first appointment to leave with my pain alleviated and a plan in place to get me where I need to be.”


“I am honoured to write the following about Dr. Asim Ashique because this man has done so much for me and it is my pleasure to do something for him.

I have been seeing Dr. Asim Ashique for 5+ years now and no matter what hurts or needs adjusting he is always able to correct the problem and take away any pain. I have been in 2 serious car accidents, with results that should have kept me down, but in a few short months for both accidents, Dr. Ashique was able to get me back to normal without the mind numbing pain that I was experiencing when the accidents happened. Sure there are many Chiropractors I could see to get adjusted, and many of them are close to where I live, but it is the quality of service and the knowledge that my problems that I may be facing that day will be corrected that keep me coming no matter how far it is. Dr. Ashique isn’t just another chiropractor to me anymore, he is a friend, that I can talk to and include in my life. Dr. Asim Ashique is the best chiropractor that I have gone to and I will always keep coming back. Choosing Dr. Asim Ashique to help correct my spinal problems and anything else that may hurt has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made.”


“I have known Dr. Asim for over 10 years. He is  genuine, friendly and possesses the knowledge and skills to treat all kinds of  conditions. Having seen other specialists for my condition, I can honestly say  that it was Dr. Asim’s treatment plan that has given me the results  that have allowed me to lead an active lifestyle. I would highly  recommend him to anyone. He and his staff truly care about your well  being.”


“I have been a patient of Dr. Ashique’s for almost 2 years.  He  has helped me so much with my neck pain and muscle pain. Since I started  treatment, I have less headaches, less stiffness and soreness and I can finally  keep up with my 3 year old!  Dr Ashique really takes the time to discuss  your symptoms with you and come up with a treatment plan that really works  for you.  He really cares about his patients and you always feel better  after a visit with him.  Dr Ashique is the best!”


“I have been a patient of Dr. Ashique for nearly 10 years.  I  discovered his office while on lunch-break.  I had some minor back  complaints at the time and decided to be adjusted.  Wow! What a feeling of  liberation after I was adjusted!  I knew that chiropractic care was  something to include in my holistic view of health and wellness.

I  continued to see Dr. Ashique about once a month or so for maintenance.  I  also continued to see him during all four of my pregnancies, and I feel sure  that my straightforward deliveries were in part assisted by proper spinal  alignment.

I have brought my children to Dr. Ashique for adjustments as  well.  He is endlessly patient and kind with them.  He provided  regular adjustments for my daughter who was experiencing health issues as a  baby, I know that his care helped in her recovery.

I have experienced  some major health problems myself, namely Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  I continued  to see Dr. Ashique as I was able to throughout my chemotherapy treatments and  more recently after my bone marrow transplant.  His genuine compassion and  concern are just part of the excellent care he provides.

Thank-you Dr.  Ashique!”


“After seeing Dr. Ashique for  over 10 years. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the care you give  your patients’. You are an incredible doctor, who is very attentive to your  patients’ concerns. Your knowledge of the human body is impressive. Thank you  for helping me to be a happier, healthier person.”


“I’m so glad Dr. Asim Ashique took me on as a patient when I came to him two years ago. His gentle healing hands have enabled me to again enjoy a life without pain in my back and I can now walk up and down stairs without pain. He took time to listen. The various specialists I had seen over the years had no idea what was wrong with me. With the x-ray equipment Dr. Ashique had and his vast knowledge, he was able to pinpoint my problem immediately. Thank you Dr. “Awesome” Ashique.”


“Dr. Ashique’s patient focused approach has been a huge benefit to my health and well being.  Suffering with chronic back issues for almost 10 years, Dr. Ashique’s approach to treatment and advice have allowed me to maintain an active lifestyle with my young family and sporting activities.  Thank Dr. Aschique for truly making a difference!”


“I am a new patient to Central Chiropractic Centre.  I was suffering from neck pain and had never been to a chiropractor.  During my first visit Dr. Ashique took the time to explain his philosophy to not only treating me but healing me.  He completely put me at ease.  Since then I have found Dr. Ashique and his staff to be extremely caring and helpful.  My neck pain is gone and so are the headaches I have suffered with for years.  I would highly recommend Central Chiropractic Centre.”



“A couple of months ago I was on my walk to work with an incredibly painful shoulder. It had been hurting for a few days and that day it was becoming unbearable.  I noticed that there was a chiropractic office that was open and accepting new patients.  Being a firm believer that chiropractic works I slipped through the door. My entire spine was out of whack! I knew something was wrong, but not that bad.  To make a long story short, I’m feeling much better and now visit for maintenance (or when I have a bad weekend). I highly recommend chiropractic and Dr. Ashique. He has taken such good care of me.”


“I have suffered from migraine-type headaches for as long as I can remember so I decided to try Central Chiropractic Center to see if they could help relieve my pain. Dr. Ashique put together a care plan and treatment schedule and I have been headache free since my first visit. If you suffer from regular headaches, I would strongly recommend seeing Dr. Ashique. My overall quality of life has improved immensely since I began treatment. The entire staff at Central Chiropractic Center are friendly and extremely helpful and I really enjoy the friendly service I receive as soon as I walk through the door.”


“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Ashique’s for a numbers of years. I suffer from migraines partly due to an old whiplash injury to my neck. I also have moderate to severe loss of the arches in my feet. Dr. Ashique has helped me deal with both issues. I have found him to be professional and committed to his patients so as to obtain optimum health and wellness. Thanks Dr. Ashique.”


“I was in a lot of pain and could barely move my neck when I first came to Central Chiropractic Centre. After a short time I noticed a big difference! Dr. Ashique and his staff are very caring and I would highly recommend their services.”


“By the time I came to Dr. Ashique, I was living with chronic pain and limited mobility in my neck and shoulders.  I had tried athletic therapy and physiotherapy but experienced only temporary relief.  Dr. Ashique developed and delivered a treatment plan that has not only provided consistent pain relief, but has also returned mobility to my neck and upper back.  His staff are always friendly, attentive and willing to help.  I would highly recommend Dr Ashique and the Central Chiropractic Centre to anyone living with chronic pain.”


“I first saw Dr. Ashique in 1999 during an especially stressful period at work. I was working long hours on a computer, in an old broken office chair and on a telephone with no headset. I went home in pain everyday with a headache, neck pain and spasming shoulder muscles. I didn’t have the strength to exercise or to participate in the activities that I used to enjoy. My husband and I had just bought a sailboat. Sailing takes strength and agility and I wondered if we had made the right choice for our new hobby.

After several visits to Dr. Ashique the symptoms went away. He explained how my working conditions and posture were contributing to my symptoms, what exercises to do at my desk, and made the adjustments that relieved the pain. He advised me to insist that my employer provide a new chair and a headset and even offered to call my Manager to explain why I needed improved working conditions. I felt better than I had in years and even joined an all women sailboat racing crew and am now going into my 11th year of competition.

Now I visit Dr Ashique  when I feel the symptoms starting to reappear. After one or two visits I feel great again and now that I’m retired I don’t want to waste any time in pain!”



“Dr. Asim Ashique at Central Chiropractic Centre and his staff have changed my quality of life. What a giant improvement – I’m able to sleep undisturbed again, without headaches and pain in my back! The Aspirin bottle has been untouched for months and I’m definitely a nicer person to be around. Thank you!”


“I have lower back pain that is persistent and Dr. Asim Ashique treatment program is delivering the results that significantly reduces my pain and increases my flexibility, thereby I am experiencing a healthier lifestyle as a direct result of his professional care and treatment.  He is passionate of his profession and of his practice.  It is very evident that he cares for his patients because you feel it at various levels; gentle physical adjustments, his carefully thought out responses or his information sharing, and finally intuitively your sense he cares about your well being.  You see results and feel like you are important and matter.”


” I have been seeing Dr. Ashique since 1999. He always listens well and knows how to pinpoint the issues in my neck, shoulder and back. With long hours at a desk job and on a computer my pain and limited mobility used to be chronic – but I am much better now with regular treatment (and exercise). I really trust Dr. Ashique and feel his care has made a positive difference in my life.”


“As a nurse of more than 20 years, my lower back and legs were starting to ache at the end of a long stretch of work shifts. Actually, a year and a half ago, I was starting to wake up in the mornings with numbness in both legs, causing me to stumble and fall when getting out of bed. This situation frightened me, and I started to research what I could do for myself to help my back and legs. Dr. Asim Ashique was the second chiropractor I consulted, and he listened to my concerns, and acknowledged my wishes to have a more gentle approach to chiropractic care. He had been recommended to me by two other colleagues who are also clients of his. He performed a full assessment of my back ie. x-ray, history, physical assessment. He made a plan of care with me; and after 2 months of seeing him regularly, my leg numbness disappeared, and my lower back felt more aligned and stronger.
I now see Dr. Ashique once every two weeks for maintenance care, and I am very pleased with the results to my overall health and well-being. Dr. Ashique himself is very knowledgeable and personable, and also conscientious towards my health goals and overall well-being. I whole-heatedly recommend Dr. Ashique and his friendly, helpful staff to anyone seeking professional and friendly chiropractic care with positive results and a positive experience.”


“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Ashique’s  since 2004. I was initially skeptical about trying chiropractic care but I am very glad that my colleague talked me into seeing him. Over the last 8 years he has treated me for headaches, neck, shoulder and lower back pain along with rehabilitating me from two motor vehicle accidents. I travel a lot and my schedule doesn’t always allow for regular timed visits but he is always very accommodating with treatment plans that take into account my travel schedule. I have since referred both of my colleagues and my husband and son both see him too. I am now a firm believer in chiropractic care as part of a healthy lifestyle and I would, and do, recommend Dr. Ashique to anyone who is looking for chiropractic care.

Dr. Ashique is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain the treatment he is doing and why he is doing it. He is a person who genuinely cares about his patients which is rare to find these days.

In addition to seeing Dr. Ashique I also go regularly for massage therapy with Arvin who is awesome!”


” I have  been a patient of Dr. Ashique’s since 2005, through a referral from a work colleague, as I had been suffering from a sports related injury. Dr. Ashique’s  care and treatment has kept me healthy and mobile through various weekend  warrior mishaps as well as two separate automobile accidents and a slipped disc  in my neck. Dr. Ashique’s care and treatment has brought me back to full  function without residual pain or complication, and more importantly, without  the need for surgery and medication as recommended by other medical specialist.  I am forever grateful and have referred many friends, family and colleagues to  Dr. Ashique.”


“Dr. Ashique is very knowledgeable and professional and his  staff are very friendly and courteous. His office is very well equipped  with an x-ray machine and foot scanner. He is very caring and has no problem  fitting me in if I am in pain and need an appointment ASAP. I would definitely  recommend Dr. Ashique to anyone in need of  treatment.”


“I had chronic shoulder and back pain every spring after spending countless hours working on the computer.
Two years ago after trying physiotherapy for a few months, which did not alleviate the pain, I agreed to see Dr Ashique.
To my amazement, Dr Ashique completely eliminated the pain, and with ongoing care, it hasn’t returned!”


“Over the years I have been going to Dr. Ashique, he has been very knowledgeable, adept and caring in the treatments I’ve received. He follows up the treatments with an appropriate exercise regime so I can help contribute to my own well being. Both he and all the staff at Central Chiropractic are kind and friendly – I feel like I’m visiting friends when I walk in the door.”


“Dr. Ashique is a very professional, knowledgeable and dedicated Chiropractor.  When I first visited Dr. Ashique, I had spent many years living with back, neck and knee injuries – which resulted from car accidents, that I could never seem to get fixed.  Always gentle, Dr. Ashique has taken away the pain and has improved my lifestyle immensely.  I highly recommend Dr. Ashique!”


“In 1999, I had acute pain in my knees and back. My medical doctor had recommended pain medication, which did not help. One day in the library, I read a magazine article about chiropractic medicine. I had often walked past the Central Chiropractic Clinic in Winnipeg Square so one day decided to ask for an appointment.

Dr. Ashique immediately noticed that I had a severe case of flat feet and other problems with my posture. He recommended a treatment plan and some custom orthotic insoles. After receiving some adjustments to my spine and the insoles, very soon I was able to stop taking the pain medication.

In the time since then, I have been seeing Dr. Ashique regularly to keep my spine healthy. He has helped me to be able to work regularly in my plant nursery job and large home garden and to recover from severe neck pain due to a motor vehicle accident. All this time I have not used pain medication. Chiropractic care truly works!”

Thank you, Dr. Ashique!


“After dealing with neck and back pain for a prolonged period of  time and exhausting numerous other avenues, I finally decided to make an  appointment with Dr. Ashique.  Having never visited a chiropractor before,  I was more than a little nervous about what I was getting myself into.  My  apprehension was immediately put to rest.  The team at Central Chiropractic  Centre is top notch!  The receptionist greeted me with a friendly smile,  was efficient and confidently advised me that I was “in good hands.”  Dr.  Ashique was professional and thorough, with a pleasant personality.  He  listened to my symptoms, asked pertinent questions and took x-rays with my  permission.  After reviewing my x-rays, he took the time required to  explain my diagnosis and proposed a treatment plan.  At no time did I feel  rushed or pressured.  He was careful to ensure that I understood each step  before proceeding to the next.  He then carefully went over the payment  arrangement with me.  Appointments are easy to schedule and flexible, Dr.  Ashique is always on time and I always receive his full attention.  The  office is spotless and the staff is professional every.single.time. I am now  pain free and feeling healthy and balanced.  It’s a great feeling to know that I have an entire office that care about my progress towards a happier,  healthier life.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”


“I have been a patient of Dr.Ashique’s for a long time now. He has  really helped me heal from a horrible neck problem which was causing me bad  headaches and vertigo.  He a very nice man  and cares about his  patients well being.  Every time I go for my chiropractic visits the staff  at the front desk are very nice, helpful and make me feel comfortable. I work as  a Massage Therapist and I am constantly telling my clients how great my  chiropractor is and refer them to his office.”


“I first visited Dr. Asim twelve years ago and have been his patient ever since. My limited knowledge at this point was…once you go to a chiropractor you always have to go to a chiropractor! NOT.

I had fallen on the curling ice which resulted in a neck injury. I attempted to get in to see my medical doctor with no success. Many people from my office were seeing Dr. Ashique and a co-worker recommended that I see him. On my arrival I was to the point of tears due to the pain. Well, Dr. Asim fixed me up. I can’t remember how often my visits were and for how long but the improvement was remarkable.

Dr. Asim’s goal is total wellness and of course maintenance is recommended as it will be beneficial for the patient’s every day life.

Over the years Dr. Asim has educated me …resulting in me passing on my limited knowledge to others. Good news travels fast. He not only has treated numerous individuals that I have encouraged to take the chiropractic plunge…but he has also treated my husband, our son and is currently treating our 21 month old grand daughter for a hip problem.

My husband and son are both professional fire fighters with the City of Winnipeg and are enjoying a healthier life because of Dr. Asim’s assistance. My husband is extremely active. Over the years his body has taken a beating with his sports, work and business and then to top it off on December 14, 2004 he was in a plane crash. With Dr. Asim’s care and expertise, we are happy to report he was able to get to back to abusing his body yet again.

I really don’t need to say any more…Dr. Asim is treating three generations of my own family. I trust him with all of the people I love.

Dr. Ashique is a great chiropractor! His personality has a great mix…professional, knowledgeable, caring, sprinkled with just the right amount of humor….you get the whole package. He is not only our doctor and chiropractor, but I feel like he is our friend.

Thanks for being you…”


“I am pleased with the care and treatment provided by Dr. A. Ashique and appreciate the time he takes to explain the treatment provided and why. I have confidence in the plan created specifically for me, and renewed hope that my situation will have a positive resolution. The techniques used and technology are up to date and relevant to my condition. I was grateful after my first appointment to leave with my pain alleviated and a plan in place to get me where I need to be.”


“I have been seeing Dr. Ashique for a few years now. He provides exceptional chiropractic care, recommends techniques and exercises to improve yourself post-treatment, and is always very professional.

I saw him when my back was sore from sitting at my computer all day at work, and he has helped a great deal with that. Later, I was rear-ended in a car accident and saw him for treatment there as well. He helped with the pain and healing so that I wouldn’t even think I had a bad back anymore.”


“I have been going to Dr. Ashique for various injuries and health issues since 2001. I have been very satisfied with all my treatments. He is a very kind, caring Doctor. I would highly recommend him.”


“If you were to ask me, why would you go to Central Chiropractic Centre rather than any other Chiropractic office? The answer is: because of the genuine warmth of the staff and personal care that I receive. I have been going to chiropractors for over 20+ years and have experienced many offices. The staff at Central Chiropractic Centre greet you by name and are always very friendly. Dr. Ashique is excellent. He is very approachable and listens carefully to your needs. He has had many years of University and has taken additional Education to upgrade himself. As you explain your situation, he gives the personal care and treatment for you as an individual – that is what I like about him. If you asked me, would you go anywhere else? My answer would be no – I am already going to the best.”



“I have a condition that requires regular  chiropractic adjustment – sometimes on a weekly basis – my right leg  becomes shorter than my left leg due to a rotated pelvis. Dr.  Ashique brings me instant relief and his technique for adjustment is what I  refer to as “not invasive” compared to other chiropractors I have seen over the  years. Dr. Ashique is a total professional; his staff is courteous,  friendly and helpful; the location of his office and hours of business are  very convenient for me and he also has a Massage Therapist on site.”


“I have been seen by a number of chiropracters over the years, as I have a very weak lower back, with o.k. results.  However, when I relocated downtown, I wanted the convenience of a chiropractor close to work. I had a number of my fellow employees recommend Dr. Ashique.  Well I can honestly say, that it was the best decision I have made.  Whenever I injure my back, either by heavy lifting or a fall, etc. I know where to go for help to relieve my pain.  He is gentle and thorough and the best chiropractor I have ever had, and I recommend him to all my friends and family.”


“My name is Bob, and I have been a patient of Dr. Ashique for about 14 years. The chiropractic treatments have been very important in relieving my pain and improving mobility, as well as giving me a sense of general well being. It is the knowledge that when I arrive and am treated by Dr. Ashique I will leave his office already feeling better than when I entered. Many of my colleagues at the office are also long standing patients of Dr. Ashique and are happy with his care.”

Yours truly,


“I was in a couple of car accidents  over the years and Dr. Ashique has helped me tremendously in my mobility of movement. I truly believe it is his chiropractic techniques that have provide me with the relief from stiffness and pain in my day to day living.  Thank you so much for all your help over the years, Dr. Ashique.  It is people like you that make a difference; and, to top it off he has excellent massage therapists and office staff that are awesome – just like him!  They really care.”

Thanks again,


“I would to strongly, recommend Dr Asim Ashique as a chiropractic practitioner.  I have  been suffering with back problems for over twenty years. Since I have started visiting him, I am totally impressed. We need good people like him in our community. Thank you.”


“Since attending Central Chiropractic Centre, I have noticed a great improvement in my whole being since my back and feet were bothering me. Dr. Asim Ashique has taken the time to explain why my back was hurting and that it takes time to heal since the pain regresses to when it first started. I was quite surprised to hear this but then I realized that this is so true because at first I felt that the pain in my back was not getting better but as time went on there was a big improvement and my back was not giving me the problem it used to. He has provided me with foot supports so my  feet can be adjusted to correct the alignment of the whole body. I believe that continuous maintenance of the body, by continuing to see our chiropractor helps us to carry on in life with less stress to our whole being.”


“I was a passenger in a car accident 4 years ago. I had very bad whiplash; my neck twisted my head to the left so bad I couldn’t turn it the other way. I couldn’t rest my head on my pillow to sleep. The driver didn’t want to report the accident and I was a College student with no insurance to help cover any Chiropractic treatment costs. Dr. Ashique took the time to assess me and ask me questions about my health and the accident. Dr. Ashique’s assistance helped me get through the process with MPI; and my treatments were covered. Dr. Ashique listens to my concerns and my questions. His treatments have been gentle, firm and effective. I care about my body and the quality of my life. Chiropractic adjustments help my body feel relaxed and balanced; everything works better because of it.”


“I have had the great fortune of being a patient of Dr. Ashique for the last 10 years.  I have used the services of chiropractors for over 35 years and throughout the years they have all served me well, some better than others of course.  However, when I was referred to Dr. Ashique by a friend, and attended this office and received my first adjustment from him, I could not believe the profound difference in his abilities to address my issues.  His adjustment techniques, skill and approach to chiropractic care seemed to be exactly in line to what I required and more importantly, my body responded to his adjustments to alleviate the physical problems I was experiencing.

Over the years I have always led an active lifestyle and still do.  I like to think that my active lifestyle is at least partly due to the care I receive from Dr. Ashique.  From time to time old sport injuries crop up, or new ones due to over doing it physically, just like anyone else.  An appointment with Dr. Ashique is always in order at these times.  Like most people, when one is feeling good, one does not think of going to the doctor or in this case a chiropractor.  But over the years, I have learned that even though I think I am feeling good physically, regular maintenance adjustments help to ensure continued good health.  This is just like getting a tune up or oil change for your car.

The most important benefit of being Dr. Ashique’s patient, for me, however, is the relationships he seems to develop with his patients in terms of being genuinely interested and knowledgeable of the overall health status of his patients.  Dr. Ashique ensures this by communicating with his patients and answering all the questions he can honestly and openly. His demeanor and character instills trust and one can never over estimate trust.  It is this communication and trust that is important to me.

I have always tried to approach my health from a holistic perspective where if there is an issue with my health, I will go to the health specialist that would have the expertise to address that issue.  Often, this may necessitate different health professionals.  In other words, I believe in an integrated, holistic approach to health maintenance and mitigation, and therefore this requires a team approach of professional health specialists.  Dr. Ashique is a vital member of that team, just as is my primary physician, physiotherapist and massage therapist as examples.  He is a member of this team not only because of his great skill as a chiropractor, but because he also believes in an integrated approach to health care and values other health professionals to ensure his patients receive the best care possible.

I would have no qualms of recommending Dr. Ashique to any potential patient, as I have many times.”


“After on going problems I had with my neck, I started to see Dr Asim and quickly saw results. I was able to do tasks easier when they were incredibly challenging before and I was sleeping a lot better. I’m quite happy with the services I’ve received at Dr. Asim’s office.”


“I am a 72-year old grandmother. I first went to see Dr.Ashique in April of 1999. I have a recurring neck and back problem which causes terrible in my head and/ or back. I found the doctor to be best chiropractor, I have ever visited. He finds the problem area immediately and after his manipulation the pain is gone the next day. He is completely accessible six days a week. I would recommend this very kind knowledgeable healer to everybody.”


Regarding Central Chiropractic. I would rate the level and quality of professional service/ results as an A+. Dr. Ashique has proven to be both highly principled and a good listener. These qualities as well as his valuable experience, have resulted in a vast improvement in my posture and general well being. I would recommend Central Chiropractic centre and Dr. Ashique to anyone in need of chiropractic care.


“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Ashique’s for 10 years.  I initially came to him with neck soreness that was quickly relieved and has never come back due to regular care.  I sit at a computer most of my day and Dr. Ashique’s treatment has ensured pain free neck, back, and shoulders.I’m also a long distance runner and Dr. Ashique has helped my minor issues over the years, especially plantar fasciitis.  He is very knowledgeable and regularly treats professional athletes, this adds to my confidence in him. I would recommend him highly to anyone who requires chiropractic care.”


“I have had two episodes of frozen shoulder. Painful.

I tried alternative treatments. The one that gradually returned me to a normal life is Dr. Asim. Dr. Asim gives a high standard of chiropractic care, efficiently and reliably. He combines a gentle treatment with an overall approach that suits his smiling personality. When I ask Dr. Asim a question, he always takes the time to explain.

I highly recommend Dr. Asim to anyone needing chiropractic treatment.”


“I’ve been seeing Dr. Asim Ashique on a fairly regular basis for the past 4 years for injuries sustained from an accident several years ago.

As a result of these injuries I continue to suffer from chronic lower back pain, partially frozen shoulder, loss of range of movement to one arm and chronic neck pain.  Although these injuries are permanent I have found that having adjustment done on a regular basis by Dr. Asim Ashique has really diminished the pain and I believe has kept my spine and joints from deteriorating further.  These treatments have also enabled me to have a better quality of life.

Dr. Asim Ashique is very knowledgeable in his field and takes the time to explain the treatment, i.e. what he is doing and why, an added plus, not often encountered these days.  A very personable person creating a relaxing atmosphere during his sessions, I know that I always feel much better afterwards both physically and mentally.”

Thank you.


“I first visited Dr. Ashique about three years ago. I was in severe pain while walking to the bank in Winnipeg Square. I passed Dr. Ashique’s door and thought I might as well try one more chiropractor. Immediately I noticed a difference when he came into the room. Dr. Ashique examined me thoroughly, took x-rays and told me to return the next day for a longer appointment. I returned and was surprised to receive an extended meeting with Dr. Ashique explaining to me in detail the source and cause of the pain, how he proposed to treat the condition AND that the decision to follow the treatment regimen was up to me. I could decide how well I wanted to feel!!!! I was sceptical, but I am sceptical no longer.

Since 1993 I had suffered intermittent episodes of lower back pain. This co-incided with a change in my employment from 90% physical labour to 60% office work and 50% driving a light vehicle. About 12 months into my new occupation I began to experience back pain. I visited a chiropractor, was treated and told that the new job had resulted in a loss of muscle support in my back and was given a regiment of exercises.

This helped but the episodes increased and the severity of the pain increased. Each time I had an episode of pain. I visited various chiropractors with some measure of relief but no long term solution. Back pain was destroying my life. I began to think that I would probably have to go see a surgeon.

Very rarely do I now have back pain. I continue to attend Dr. Ashique’s office regularly for treatment as he recommends and intend continue as long as I live. The quality of life I now experience is greatly improved and continuing to improve thanks to Dr. Ashique.”

THANKYOU Dr. Ashique


“Five years ago I injured my lower back very badly. It was and a serious injury. The doctor sent me to physiotherapy that did not help me. It made me feel worse. Then at the time I was looking for a chiropractor. When I found a chiropractor he diagnosed me and informed me of the problem with my spine. He was working on my spine but it only helped a little. It left me with ongoing discomfort and the pain remained. Later I was looking for someone who could help with that pain. Then I found Dr. Asim Ashique. Now after several weeks with Dr. Ashique my lower back is going to normal with notable improvements daily. My life is different every day. He helped me with my pain management. I have continued ongoing treatments to ensure my quality of life and pain management under his care remains effective. I call Dr. Ashique “a genius” because I no longer have pain following his determination and his ongoing treatments. I will continue to go to see him because I want to back to remain free of pain.”


“Thank you again, Dr Ashique, for giving me back my life. I had been seeing another chiropractor until I got pneumonia. It put me in a coma for 10 days and in one chair recuperating for two months. Then I had a bad fall on ice on concrete. Shortly after that, my back pain was different, brutal. I went back to the chiropractor who continued the same treatment.  I saw a physiotherapist who tried massage, heat and cold.  I elevated my laptop computer at work.  I tried stretching my neck and angling my head. I went to work and I came home and I just watched TV on a heating pad.  I couldn’t  hold up a book.  I couldn’t enjoy anything.  I waited months to see two neurologists who made it absolutely clear to me that no matter how bad it was, it was trivial to them. My grandmother had a hunchback and I was becoming severely depressed thinking this was going to be my life. I only happened to see Doctor Ashique because my chiropractor left on vacation and I had to see somebody.  He actually really cared.  He asked if he could try something more drastic.  He helped me to be able to do my job until I intended to retire. In May, he suggested we could spread out my appointments.  I didn’t come back until December because I became just driven and exhausted painting everything on our property and digging, weeding, pruning, spraying trees with no more soreness than anyone would feel.  I traveled for a reunion and a wedding.  Wonderful.  The last month I’ve been feeling stiff hunching over a needlepoint and winter projects for hours but what a difference after my appointment today.”


“I started treatments with Dr. Asim in November 2011 upon the recommendation of a work colleague. I was unsure about going to a Chiropractor after my husband had a terrible experience with a chiropractor, it had been about 30 years since I had seen a Chiropractor.  Dr Asim explained everything he was going to do, and really put me at ease. He has a gentle approach and will not do any adjustments unless you are comfortable with what he is doing. After being treated for the past couple of months, I am feeling much less pain in my leg and lower back. Dr Asim has really helped me out and I would highly recommend him.”

Thank you,


“I just wanted to send a quick thank you….

I almost cancelled my appt this morning when I woke up with a headache. I am ever glad I didn’t! I really felt awful this morning so I must apologize if I did not seem myself, it has been quite a stressful week at work.

I left your office and went to my car. Sat there for a few minutes and realized my headache was gone!  I had been planning on going straight home to lay down even though I knew I had lots of errands to do. So, thank you, as I am now able to carry on with my day.”


“After several months of a tingling sensation and loss of motor skills in my hand I went to see Dr. Asim. After a very thorough inspection, he prescribed a course of care to alleviate the symptoms and to reverse the underlying cause of the problems.  We are now two months into the treatment and the tingling is gone in my hand, my posture has improved and the range of motion in my neck has never been better.  I am feeling good and very optimistic about my recovery.”


“When you walk into the place you receive a great friendly welcome from the girls at the front desk. They have a great set up where you swipe your card and walk straight into a treatment room (more practitioners should adopt this system)

I had suffered with what I could only assume was a pulled muscle for about 2 years. I lived in England at the time and I sort answers from my family physician to what my pain could be and all they could do was to prescribe pain killers and send me to a Physiotherapist but that did not work. After moving to Canada I was told about Chiropractic services and I decided to give it a try.

I called numerous Chiropractic clinics then was told about the Central Chiropractic Centre within the Square. I work in the Royal Bank Building so it was ideal for me. So i booked an appointment and I have never looked back. They make you feel so comfortable

Dr Asim Ashique was the doctor assigned to me and the guy works miracles. I’ve never felt better and I can’t understand why Physicians do not recommend the services of a Chiropractor to their patients.

I would recommend to any of my family & friends to visit the Central Chiropractic Centre in Winnipeg Square if they suffer from neck pain or back pain.”

Kind Regards


“The care, service and communication which I received from Dr. Asim at the Central Chiropractic Centre has been first class. He fixed my serious lower back problem immediately and did maintenance on my spine and hips. This has relieved my pain and subsequently feel great. Again thank you for your care.”


“I quickly had a free consultation, during which I explained my circumstances and attitude, paid for the x-ray I wanted, and arranged another free appointment for discussion, during which the x-ray and charts revealed areas of misalignment acquired over my last 70 years; Dr. Ashique carefully outlined a treatment schedule, and we agreed that the non-invasive, no pharmaceutical approach could help as we both worked together to heal.

I started near the end of March 2012, and two months later, the pain has decreased, mobility has increased, and he has reduced my number of visits on the basis of a mid-process assessment. The appointments are punctual, the staff is supportive, and, above all, Dr. Ashique listens. He answers questions, explains procedures, absorbs and takes under consideration my information about setbacks, progress, and initiatives. His touch is gentle and instinctive, yet, in the process, my body feels that he addresses not only the areas of general concern, but also the specific areas that have bothered me. It is working.”


“I’m Glad I was introduced to Dr. Ashique.  With regular visits he keeps my spine in line- My neck in check and reduces my lower back pain. Dr. Ashique gives me excellent care.”