Shoulder, Arm & Hand Pain

Shoulder, arm and hand pain affect many people.

If you have a physical job then your upper body, including the arms and hands, will be working throughout the day.  This adds up.  Over time, the wear and tear on the body can create stress on the joints and muscles resulting in stiffness, soreness or pain.

If you have a sedentary office job working at a desk or computer all the day, you’re also prone to stress on the body.  The reason is that although we are sedentary and not doing any heavy lifting in an office environment, the tasks are repetitive.  The repeated contraction of our arm/hand muscles as we use the mouse and the keyboard has a cumulative (build-up) effect.  The tendons and joints become overloaded and irritated overtime.  This is referred to as micro-trauma.

Overuse injuries are common in the upper limb.  The years of repetitive use eventually results in stress on the tissues and something starts hurting.

In addition to these factors, postural changes that have accumulated over the years can result in altered body mechanics and compensation in the upper limbs.  Add to this the falls or sports injuries we may have experienced earlier in life and we are set up for future problems.

There are many different types of arm and hand pain.  These include:

Tennis elbow
Golfers follow
Rotator cuff tendinitis
Frozen shoulder
Various types of nerve compression syndromes (including carpal tunnel syndrome)
Several types of tendinitis
…. and many others.

Weakness, numbness, tingling, or pain into the arm and hand are particularly concerning as they may be indicators of a nerve problem.  These symptoms might originate in the arm but are more likely to be coming from a pinched nerve in the neck.  It needs to be addressed immediately because long-term damage can occur to the nerves if the pressure is not removed quickly.

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