Whiplash / Car Accident

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a neck injury caused due to rapid back & forth movement at the neck, like cracking of the whip. Generally, car accidents are the key reason for whiplash, but at times sports injury & physical abuse can also result in immobilization.

Symptoms arising out of Whiplash

The neck tends to become stiff & the overall movement becomes improper triggering pain & headaches. At times numbness in the arms and upper back are also noticed. After sustaining such injuries, individuals rush to doctors for medical treatment.

Chiropractic Care Are Proven To Counter the Pain-

With the consumption of antibiotic drugs and pain eradicators, the aches are somehow decreased, but there are high chances of experiencing pain again after the dosage gets over. To let the injured area get better mobilization, adopting chiropractic care is one of the proven methods. A professional chiropractor will carry out an evaluation and access the seriousness of the injury. Chiropractors will perform spinal & joint adjustment & ensure proper blood flow.

Key Advantages of Seeking Help from a Chiropractor

Restoring Range Of Motion

Decreasing Pain

Decreases Scar Tissues

Decreases the Inflammation Mark

How We Can Help You Recover From Injury-

We are experienced and have complete knowledge of the ways & approaches of treating individuals suffering from whiplash or car accident. Our team works in tandem to counter improper functionality of the joints & spinal manipulation.

Our chiropractor triggers gentle movements across the knotted areas and increases blood circulation. If you have suffered from a major blow, contact us today. Our years of experience and expertise will help you to recover from the injury and get back to the natural fold of life. Book an appointment with us & get rid of prolonged aches.