Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common health problem in our society
and Dr. Asim Ashique is the chiropractor to fix it.


Studies show that over two thirds of people have experienced neck pain in their lifetime.  At any given point in time, nearly one quarter of our population (22%) is suffering from neck pain.

The human spine is a sensitive structure.  The neck is particularly sensitive because of how narrow and long it is.  It is made up of some of the most sensitive bones, joints, muscles and nerves.  These are vulnerable to the stresses we place on our bodies throughout our busy days.

Many of us are carrying with us the accumulated effects of years of stress, trauma, microtrauma, inactivity, poor posture and other factors that have resulted in postural change and physical stress. This eventually leads to pain!

Consider the following facts.  The human head weighs between 12-15 pounds, and the neck supports this weight all day long.  That is hard work.  Add to this our tendency to carry our tension and stress in our neck and shoulders.  Further, many of us don’t get the movement and exercise that we need.  Our sedentary lives mean that we are spending long hours sitting and staring at a computer or looking down at our smart phones.  When we eventually have early warning signs of a problem (pain) we tend to ignore it, meaning that the underlying mechanical problems will be left to fester and become worse with time.

By intervening early and having your problem properly assessed, you can speed up your recovery and avoid more complicated problems.

The anatomy of your neck [ view video ]

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