Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a major problem in our society.  It is the second most common symptom-related reason for us to seek our family doctor. Before you start relying on painkillers, visit our chiropractic clinic in beautiful downtown Winnipeg.
Dr. Asim Ashique will carefully adjust your spine to ease pain instantly!


Studies on low back pain have revealed some interesting facts.  85% of us will experience low back pain in our lives.  If you were to survey the population, nearly 30% of the us would be experiencing low back pain at that point in time.  In the previous six months, half of us have had an episode of low back pain and 11% of us have been disabled by low back pain.  Those are staggering numbers!

Many people experience back pain on and off.  It comes and it goes.  This can go on for years.  Usually, it will start coming more often and staying longer with each episode.  Your back is telling you that something is wrong.  While the pain is what pushes people to act and seek a solution, please keep in mind that it is only a symptom.  It is a warning sign.  It’s the alarm that goes on when there is a fire.  You still have to find the fire and put it out – for good.  That’s where we come in.

The lower back is a complex structure.  You should be checked throughly by a chiropractor to determine why your back hurts.  Pain pills may provide short-term relief, but the adverse effects can outweigh the benefit, and the cause remains uncorrected.  Chiropractors get to the root of your problem and help you understand why you hurt.

Fortunately, most low back problems are mechanical in nature.  This means that loss of the normal alignment, balance, and mobility of the spine results in stress on the joints.  This eventually causes pain.  The actual structure within the lower back that is eliciting pain could be the joint, muscle, disc, nerve or other soft tissues related to the lower back anatomy.  Our job is to help you to sort through the details and arrived at a clear understanding of the real cause of your problem.  We have helped thousands of people with low back pain.  We’re confident we can help you.  If we can’t we will work with you to find someone who can.

Our office is equipped with digital x-ray facilities so that if you require more thorough evaluation we are able to do everything immediately and on site without need for further delay or inconvenience to our patients.

If you or someone you love is suffering from low back pain, please call us at (204) 943-7200, or complete the online form to ‘Book an Appointment’ for direct submission to our office, and we will respond to you promptly with an appointment time.