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Dr. Asim Ashique BSc(Hon), MSc, DC, FCCO(C)
Chiropractic Specialist (Orthopedics)

Dr. Ashique is a graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, which is amongst the most reputable and highly rated colleges in the world.

Before entering chiropractic college, Dr. Ashique attained two degrees from the University of Manitoba, a BSc(Hon) in Genetics and an MSc from the department of Human Genetics, Faculty of Medicine.  He conducted cancer research with researchers at the Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology and has authored or co- authored several publications ...

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This may be counterintuitive, but did you know that taking pain killers such as ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen, or aspirin, more than 10 times a month can actually lead to more headaches? Over-consumption of pain killers can decrease your sensitivity to their effects and even cause "rebound headaches". Fortunately, you cannot build up a tolerance to chiropractic care! Call us today at 204-943-7200 and set up an appointment with Dr. Ashique. ...

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I used to be one those people who believe Chiropractic work was the equivalent of snake oil in modern times — I can now say I bought into nothing but myths about the field. There MAY be shyster DCs out there who are only interested in short-term relief and having their patients coming back as they get worse and worse… Dr. Ashique is NOT this kind of practitioner. He did such a good job on my neck (which had been bothering me for YEARS with headaches and lack of range of motion due to stress and my previous office job requiring a lot of awkward movement at my desk) in a matter of months that I haven’t had any pain, tenseness or headaches related to that issue since — and it’s been over two years since I was last adjusted.

He did such a good job, I referred my wife to go see him (she was initially hesitant about Chiropractic work as a legitimate medical science, as I was, but I convinced her that Dr. Ashique is a real jewel of his field) and after two weeks of thrice-weekly adjustments, she has thanked me NUMEROUS times for essentially pushing her to make an appointment. She says she’s never felt so tall (as a result of her spine/neck being properly adjusted and straight) in her entire life, and it’s already had an effect on her asthma, headaches, and general difficulties getting comfortable at night.

Dr. Ashique is a brilliant, friendly, and caring man who views his work as a calling, NOT just a good career path. This is incredibly rare nowadays in the medical field, where you have apathetic MDs pushing SSRIs on patient blindly since ‘that’s what they’re told to do’. This man could easily have gone into some higher-paying field with his intellect and schooling and drive, but he truly believes that being a Chiropractor (probably the best in the city) is helping people. And I can speak for myself and my wife when I say that he has helped us both immensely.

If you have some prejudice against Chiropractors because of some horror story or urban myth you hear passed around, but have legitimate issues (you’d be amazed what Chiropractic adjustments can help with BEYOND just aches and pains) you feel isn’t being addressed by standard medical care, PLEASE give this man a shot. You will NOT regret it, though your first adjustment may leave you a bit sore the next day – eventually the changes he makes will last longer and longer, and as I mentioned he fixed my neck/shoulders and I haven’t had any further issues in YEARS.

Thanks, Doc. You’re magic. 🙂

– John (2017)

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In 1998, Dr. Ashique made history by opening the first ever chiropractic clinic at the corner of Portage and Main (Winnipeg Square) in downtown Winnnipeg.  The convenient location served the core area business community but also provided a Central location for people from all over Winnipeg.  The clinic was appropriately named Central Chiropractic Clinic.

Since then, Central Chiropractic Clinic has developed a reputation for providing excellent care to its patients.  We serve people of all ages from infants to retired elders, men and women, professionals and trades people.  Dr. Ashique’s specialized training and 16 years of schooling has given him the opportunity to be the treating chiropractor to many professional athletes, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Winnipeg Goldeyes, professional musicians/dancers and many of the international entertainers that pass through Winnipeg.